Thank you for visiting Moissanite Forever Brilliant. The only source for Charles & Colvards Moissanite Forever Brilliant. The Forever Brilliant is up to four grades whiter than standard moissanite.
Whiter, so its sparkle is noticeably brighter. Forever Brilliant is the full realization of this gem's true potential which explodes with light. Its Whiter color is perfect in platinum and white gold.

about us

MoissaniteForeverBrilliant.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of ABD (Amants By Design) Moissanite LLC. We have been a leader in the moissanite field since 1998. Our passion for moissanite experience and knowledge of moissanite is unparalleled. We are one of the longest standing online moissanite retailers in the world serving thousands of customers in 47 countries.

our history

Amants By Design has served the moissante customers online since 2003. Owner Guy Stimpson is a top Charles and Colvard trained moissanite expert. He has featured on the JTV network for C&C as their moissanite expert. He has trained and educated jewelers and dealers the world over. Co-Owner Steve Johns is a leader in moissanite education and training.